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5G is Evil – Tweeps blasts Hauwei staff for saying that 5G is transforming the medical field (photos)


Following the conspiracy theories behind 5G Network and Coroanvirus, Twitter users has lambasted, Mike BAI, the President of Strategy Marketing, Western Europe, Huawei Technologies China, for saying that 5G is transforming the medical field.

Recall that Hauwei Technologies are the Inventors of 5G Network.

In a Tweet, Mike Ball wrote:

“5G is transforming the medical field. Discover how we’re utilizing 5G, Cloud and AI to redefine the boundaries in consultation, diagnosis, prevention & protection, and sharing expert resources.

Twitter Users Reacts:

Godsent: “This 5G evil which will lead to chip implant(mark of the beast) has been cancelled. So long as the Church is still on earth, the hidden evil agenda will not thrive. Tell the world the truth of 5G and Coronavirus.

Alex Augustine: “If viruses don’t exist in nature, where do they come from? Anything that does not exist in nature is man made! Don’t let anyone deceive you, take the liberty to go on the internet and search by yourself.” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc.DD.

Adoreone: “When this radiation from the 5G hits the skin, the immune responds by releasing exosomes which is part a genetic material.. Have u wondered y the number of covid19 cases is increasing everyday?

SILVERSTACKER: “5G is the reason for coronavirus. The radiation exposure causes the symptoms being called coronavirus. These 5G networks should be dismantled IMMEDIATELY.

Joshua: “We as human beings reject 5g and reject the CCP takeover through its proxy tech arm Huawei.

Son ofZik: “Chinese in Wuhan are throwing down 5G masts. Naija Twitter professors are being more catholic than the Pope. These people have experienced the real world side effects. Continue twitting downloaded banners from Google you hear.

Q: “5G is killing causing corona illness.

BAB 70: “These are all your plans, devilish plans you will never succeed in whatever you are doing concerning this 5G invention……I sense this is end time, this are part of your plans to get chips implanted into someone’s body… but remember i said this you will never succeed..AMEN.

UKgb: “Every government knows 5g is causing this “virus”. It’s the antichrist nwo system being brought in.

Nalawade: “Technology is Ok. But we can survive without this. And surely find replacement of Chinese Products or Technology. Boycott China.

Anthony: “It is from your 5G that the entire world got wreaked with blood tears and grave yards everywhere. Is the thousands of caskets worth it mike imc ? What a day to count yourself great??

Nlr.Lyn: “Stop killing the world. We don’t want your 5G

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Maxwell: “Yes of course China caused this virus for economical reasons and the Whole world are be in silence, not questioning them.

Mibal: “5G contain High radiation, not good for Human as well as Animals…

Wothchef: “We don’t want that 5G because is going to destroy our lives as humans.

Favour: “5G is poisonous, 5G is contributing to coronavirus. Countries with 5G has more death and cases than countries without 5G. 5G is a weapon of mass destruction. It damages to humanity far outwards its benefits.The blood of men from 5G cries against the creators.

Festus: “I say no to 5g if it is going to destroy human I say no do not bring 5G to our country we don’t want it if coronavirus was not caused by 5G let China tell us the caused of coronavirus and the vaccine for ? China is the originator of 5G and coronavirus also emanated from China.

Doctor ken: “5G is worst than corona virus. Destroy it anywhere it is found. I commend the britons and Chinese in wuhan that set 5G facilities ablaze in their community. African should start gearing to do the same. 5G is evil. Evil is 5G.

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We say no to 5G network because we already know the plans of Satan trying to use technology to get into mankind. What a smart idea though but i guess we were more smarter on this one to have known their hidden plans to mankind. Indeed God gave us power to take charge over everything within the face of the earth and even the world beyond only if you believe. I believe the plans of Satan was to put few in the world to fear because Satan feeds on fear, God feeds with praise so satin tried to made churches… Read more »