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Boko Haram is in Lagos, Are they not the one Behind Abule ado Bombing? – Fani Kayode (photos)


Following the Lagos Pipeline explosion, Fani Kayode is wondering if Boko Haram are the one who caused the Bombing that killed many and destroyed Hundreds of Properties.


“What happened in Lagos yesterday was tragic. So much destruction and loss of life. It is so sad. They say it was caused by a gas pipeline explosion but I can’t believe that such widespread destruction can be caused by that.

“I suspect there is more to it than meets the eye and I believe that the Catholic school which was blown out of the sky alongside 100 other homes, buildings and properties was purposely targeted.

“Just a few weeks ago the Chief of Army Staff told us that Boko Haram is in Lagos. Sadly it appears that the evidence that we have been looking for to establish this as a fact may well have been provided by the Abule Ado bombing.

“The truth is that I find it hard to believe ANYTHING that the Federal Government claims was the cause of the Abule Ado explosion. This is especially so when we were hurriedly told that NNPC would investigate the matter and not any of our security agencies.

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“The SCOAN bombing in 2013 and the bombing of the Bellview plane in 2005, both of which were skillfully covered up by the respective Governments of their day, taught me to be wary, skeptical and suspicious about such Federal Government findings.

“To avoid panic the Federal Government and President are always advised to hide the truth from the public in such matters.

“As far as I am concerned this practice is unacceptable because the Nigerian people deserve to know the truth and indeed have a right to know the truth, no matter how ugly and bitter that truth may be.

“Regardless of all, one day and somehow, no matter the lies they spin today and the cover-ups they put in place, that truth will surface and justice will be served on those behind this wicked and heinous act.

“May the souls of all those that were killed in this explosion rest in peace. Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Lagos state at this difficult time.

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