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Boris Johnson is a Muslim, He comes from a Muslim Family – Imam of Peace Reveals


Popular Islamic cleric, Imam of Peace has slammed the Author of MIGRITUDE, Shailja Patel for calling Boris Johnson, the British Prime minister a White man, says’ Boris Johnson is a Muslim.

In a Tweet, Shailja Patel wrote:

“I hope all the Medical Workers caring for Boris Johnson are straight white men who went to the same school as he did.

Imam of Peace Reacts;

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“Being the descendant of Muslims makes you a Muslim. That’s how Muslims (other than converts) are ‘born’ into Islam. According to Islamic Law, Boris Johnson is a non-practicing Muslim. To leave Islam, he must declare that he’s left.

“(I know he prob doesn’t care what Sharia thinks).

“She says ‘White.’ Boris comes from a prominent Turkish lineage, and it happens to be a Muslim family. So, by her own standards, she’s both racist and an “islamophobe.”

“Very ignorant tweet! Boris Johnson comes from a Muslim family and is the descendant of prominent Turks. His great grandfather was Ali Kemal. As far as Sharia is concerned, Boris is still Muslim (unless he publicly declares he’s not and becomes an ‘ex-Muslim’). Check your facts…

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