Home News Buhari is a “Push and start” president – Reno Omokri

Buhari is a “Push and start” president – Reno Omokri


Reno omokri keep Dragging Buhari following his Coronavirus Live Broadcast, says’ Buhari is a Push and start President.

In His official Twitter Account, He wrote:

“Other leaders give broadcast and people are relieved General Buhari gives a broadcast and Nigerians are Confused

“Kids are home. How can they eat school food? You say stay at home. Will Nigerians eat their homes? What a toy President!

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“Before General Buhari’s broadcast, Nigerians suspected they were on their own. After the ‘live broadcast’, Nigerians were sure they were on their own. He just read the lies they gave him. No conviction in his voice. What a toy President!

“Push and start President! You claim your government is now mobilised, yet provide no mobilisation except ₦15 billion for a nation of 200 million. How much did NASS spend on luxury cars? You yourself spend over ₦15 billion to run Aso Rock

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