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Buhari should be an Instagram celebrity, not a president – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has reacted to the Photos and Video released by presidency as Minister of Health and Director of NCDC visits Buhari in Aso Rock (READ HERE) says’ Buhari is better suited to be an Instagram celebrity, not a leader.


“General Buhari’s response to the CoronaVirus pandemic, a virus that has killed tens of thousands worldwide, is to release a heavily edited silent video, and some odd photos. Hmm! Buhari is better suited to be an Instagram celebrity, not a leader.

“India announces a $26 billion economic stimulus package for the poorest Indians. Their finance minister says “we do not want the poor to go hungry”. What has General Buhari given Nigeria’s poor, beyond waving to them in a heavily edited video?

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“Nigerians spent a week asking General MBuhari to be visible during the CoronaVirus pandemic. He ignored us Imam of Peace called him ‘dumbest person in Nigeria’. The next day we saw photos and video. All Nigerians should thank Imam Mohammad Tawhidi.

“APCN APC Hails Buhari, Says President Leading Fight against COVID-19 ‘Like a Legendary Troop Commander’ Do you now see why the Imam of Peace said General Buhari and the APC are the dumbest people in Nigeria?

“The video of the minister of health and DG of NCC briefing General Buhari was just for show. They could have briefed him by teleconference or phone in the spirit of social distancing. The video Nigeria want to see is of Buhari briefing Nigerians

“You say Governors have no powers to close state borders? When the President is sleeping on duty, what do you expect them to do? Wait until he wakes up? Wait until #CoronaVirus kills their people? No. Even if it is unconstitutional, I support them!

“In other nations their leaders do a LIVE BROADCAST to brief citizens of what government is doing to end the CoronaVirus pandemic. In Nigeria, General Buhari’s handlers release a 25 second video of him receiving briefing. Who did this to Nigeria?

“General Buhari is releasing photos as if photos can defeat #CoronaVirus. Keep your pics. Nothing but good leadership can defeat #COVID19. Buhari is not an Instagram celebrity. He should stop posting selfies and get off his chair. LEAD, LEAD, LEAD!

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“General Buhari’s aides recruited some celebrities to claim Nigerians are angry with the Imam of Peace for criticising Buhari.

“COVIDIOTIC Buharists say we shouldn’t let Imam of Peace insult Buhari because he‘s a foreigner. In 2015, Buhari and APCN paid John Campbell to humiliate President Jonathan? Campbell even visited Buhari in Kaduna. Is Campbell Nigerian?

“So, General Buhari can go abroad to insult Nigerian youths as “LAZY” and call Nigerian immigrants ‘CRIMINALS’. But if a foreigner calls out Buhari as the DUMBEST person in Nigeria it is not okay? Buhari himself taught foreigners to insult Nigeria!

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