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Buhari should Save lives instead of hiding from Coronavirus in Aso Rock! – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has called out President Buhari to come out and save Lives instead of Hiding in Aso Rock Villa amid Coronavirus.

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“As at today (March 25), who is Nigeria’s leader? I’m not talking about the official leader. I am talking of the actual leader. The person who is having strategy meetings. Giving directions. Updating and reassuring the public. Who is playing that role in Nigeria?

“When General Buhari overthrew the democratically elected government of President Shagari, he justified it by claiming our hospitals are “mere consulting clinics”. Today, our hospitals are worse than Shagari’s era. But for #CoronaVirus, Buhari would be in UK!

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“General Buhari gets ₦2 million hardship allowance, Nigerian Senate get ₦1.2 million hardship allowance But when #CoronaVirus brought hardship to Nigeria, they all retreated, and left the hardship work for health workers whose hardship allowance is ₦5k.

Dear General Buhari, Act like the Commander-in-Chief. Nigeria is facing its worst emergency since the Civil War. Order the Nigerian Army corp of engineers to build field hospitals for citizens. Save lives instead of hiding from #CoronaVirus in Aso Rock!

Funny thing is that Abba Kyari wrote a letter rebuking House of Reps and Senate members for not practicing self isolation and other preventive measures against #CoronaVirus, while he hypocritically attended meetings upandan. #COVID-19 is no respecter or status.

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