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Buhari’s Only Job is to Prove He Is not Dead – Farooq Kperogi


By Farooq Kperogi

Buhari has by far the cushiest job anyone can ever have in the world. He enjoys all the perks and privileges of being “president” but disappears from public view even in moments of national strife, which causes panic-stricken citizens ask to see him or hear from him.

He routinely ignores them, which causes morbid rumors about him to fester and circulate on social media. When darkly ill-natured chatter about his very life emerges, escalates, and takes roots, his handlers will post photos of him on social media to show that he’s alive, which inflames even more ghoulish speculations.

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Then he finally appears or addresses the nation after hours and hours of rehearsals, which nonetheless unmasks his declining cognitive faculties, and mentally low-wattage citizens, who are the victims of his ineptitude and presidency by absenteeism, gyrate wildly in futile, impotent exultation. They even mock people who had suggested that Buhari was sick, dead, or dying.

It has been the same script since 2016. In other words, Buhari’s highest achievement is to periodically prove that he is alive after which he goes back to his habitual self-isolation and insouciance.

This well-practiced melodrama is designed to anesthetize distraught citizens in light of the progressively horrid conditions they live with and help to conceal or excuse Buhari’s incompetence for a while, and life goes on.

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Gary Kmoney
Gary Kmoney
1 month ago

Greetings to fellow Nigerians. It is time for our leaders to have a rethink and emulate the world in general. We do not have a government, our Senate and House of Representatives are no where to be found. You guys goes out abroad on a daily basis but yet no change. Now is the time to look into the cry of Nigerians for staying at home due the pandemic world wide. You should be able to have a sit on this issue of stay at home but nothing is done. If it where to be deliberation on for wordrop allowance… Read more »