Home News Gunshots fired at President Trump’s Estate in Florida (photos)

Gunshots fired at President Trump’s Estate in Florida (photos)


PBSO said a driver in an SUV breached two security points outside President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, and law enforcement officers fired their weapons at the vehicle.

Two people are in custody after law enforcement opened fire near President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate following a car chase, according to the sheriff’s office.

An SUV breached two security points outside Trump’s Palm Beach home, and law enforcement fired their weapons at the vehicle, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said. It was not immediately known which agency those law enforcement officers worked for.

A shop owner near the scene saw a woman, who looked to be in her 30s, speeding in a Jeep down South County Road with two Palm Beach Police cars following close behind, he told the Palm Beach Daily News.

The Jeep reportedly swerved into northbound lanes several times, including at a point in the road where a divider separates the north and southbound lanes, the shop owner said.

A window in her SUV was shattered, he added.

The Florida Highway Patrol and a PBSO helicopter also were seen following the SUV from above.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the shooting, the sheriff’s office said.

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Officials are expected to share more details about the incident at a news conference at 3 p.m.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies initially turned away all eastbound traffic at Southern Boulevard and South Olive Avenue, just before the bridge to Palm Beach. They reopened the bridge around 1 p.m.

Palm Beach police already had shut down traffic at the Mar-a-Lago checkpoint at South County Road.

About 10 law enforcement officers from different agencies were seen near Mar-a-Lago around noon. At least three sheriff’s deputies wore “homicide” vests onsite.

The incident occurred just hours before Trump is expected to arrive at his Palm Beach mansion and club.

Trump is expected in Palm Beach County this evening — his 29th visit since his 2017 inauguration.

On Saturday, the president’s fan club, the Trumpettes, is holding its gala at the Southern White House with headliner Roseanne Barr. On Sunday, the president is expected to host his annual Super Bowl party at his West Palm Beach golf club.

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