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How a Policeman Hit my head with his Gun, shoots my Brother in Abuja – Nigerian man (photos)


A Nigerian man identified as Sphinx narrates how a Nigerian Police officer identified as John Utakah, Accused him of trying to snatch his Gun, therefore, hitting the gun on his head.

According to him, the Incident Happened in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of the Nigerian state.


“I Know nothing would be done about this, because I am not the son of a Governor or president or any politician. But I was brutally harassed by 2 men of Nigerian Police Who claimed I was an armed robber nd was trying 2 snatch his riffle.

“I was Jejely walking On my own with my brother, when his swinging AK47 hit my hand as we crossed paths….and next thing I heard was, “why are you trying to snatch my riffle”. I was surprised oo.

“And asked him why I would want to snatch his riffle perhaps I expected an apology from him for his riffle hitting me. In the cause of the argument, uncle said I was an armed robber who wanted to snatch his gun.

“Meanwhile, this was a market place, so why would any sensible human being want to snatch a gun from a police man in a market place?…… That was how the man dragged my medicated glasses from my eyes and smashed it on the ground Trying to dodge from trouble, I told my brother to pick up d glasses and let’s leave there, that they were probably drunk. When he heard that, he Hit me hard on the head with a punch (with a ring on) pulled my cap and threw it on d ground.

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“That was when my brother angrily asked him why he would do that nonsense. And he turned to my brother chasing him, cracked his gun and shot at him. But having heard the cracking gun, he immediately ran and ducked in front of a Car.

“Having missed, this dude now turned to me pointing the gun at me so I Jejely raised my hands up and knelt down. That was when he hit me with the nose of his gun and they both started beating me.

“I have not made any official report yet because I spent the rest of the day in the hospital. I am going straight to Police HQ at Amawbia Tomorrow Morning. And afterwards take it to Edet House Nigerian Police HQ Abuja.

“John Utakah and his Friend must Pay for what they did to me. Imagine if that Bullet had him my brother…. I will be a victim of another #Police Brutality ? No…. Not in this Time and age.

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