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How can Buhari share money to Nigerians when they couldn’t share National ID cards?


Reno Omokri has said that Buhari Govt claimed they sharing Money to Nigerians meanwhile the money is Going someone else.


“How can General Buhari be seeking a $6.9 billion loan right now? This is a government that spent ₦13 billion on Aso Rock’s Presidential hospital, yet the hospital could not treat Abba Kyari. If he can’t manage ₦13 billion, is it $6.9 billion he can manage?

“There are only 38.5 million accounts in Nigeria, according to BVN. There are 82 million extremely poor people in Nigeria according to the UN. Yet, General Buhari says he is sharing money to 2 million poor Nigerians. How? Do poor Nigerians even have accounts?

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“An extremely poor person is someone who lives on less than $2 a day. These people cant even afford a bank account. How can General Buhari’s government that couldn’t share National ID cards to up to 40% of Nigerians share money to 2 million people within days?

“The only thing General Buhari’s govt can share effectively is PHCN estimated bill, even when they provided no power. To think they can share money to 2 million poor Nigerians within days is delusory. That money is going somewhere, but not to those who need it!, He Tweeted.

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Kevin Denen Cyprian
Kevin Denen Cyprian

I see sense in this post.