Home relationship I hate my wife, she will cook Beans and Leave stones Inside

I hate my wife, she will cook Beans and Leave stones Inside


Nigerian man Laments, Narrates how his wife always intentionally leave stones in his beans, because beans is his favorite meal, says, he hate the wife.


I hate My wife

Joro, My wife has a deepen black heart. She will cook beans and leave stone inside intentional. My teeth will have Holes.

Beans is my best food. she will make sure my beans has stones. So Much stones. When I cook beans myself, Next day stones inside because I arrive home late. If anything happen to me, spotlights should be on her. How can someone be so wickd, God is watching.. Marry with a good heart.

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  • I know I shouldn’t be laughing coz this is serious buh mehn I’m laughing my ass off…why she go pack stone full your beans na? You tell am say you be Bob the builder??
  • God please if there might be any mistake I’d make in the future, choosing a life partner shouldn’t be one … I’d seen things here
  • Where u dey always go that makes you come home late? Must u stay out late? You never chop stone, you go chop rock soon!
  • if this kind of person start cheating nah,they will start cursing single ladies. How will he not cheat when you don’t give him peace of mind.
  • Good for you,hunku. You better be a better man for her in d new year… Else, na death sure pass.
  • You didn’t say how you have been flirting or cheating!!!! Always complete your story
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