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If Buhari is not Dead, why is he not addressing Nigerians Like Ghana President? – Nnamdi kanu


Following the Coronavirus Pandemic, The president of Ghana is addressing his nation always but here in Nigeria President Buhari do not address Nigerians (only but once).

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu said that Buhari is dead and their is Jubril Al-Sudanese in Aso Rock, he also claimed that Jubril is currently in Cuba amid Coronavirus Pandemic, that Someone has been Hired and given a face mask to Act Like Buhari. READ HERE

Nnmadi Kanu used Ghana as example, Nigeria is bigger than Ghana but The Ghanaian President Nana Akufo always address his citizens without being told or Dragged.

Nnamdi Kanu wrote:

“When a president is sure of who he is, for example in Ghana, there is no need hiding from those that elected him. He addresses the nation LIVE on television without a HOLE in his neck. He takes questions LIVE from reporters and appears in public at regular intervals.

“When a president is not sure of who he is, as in Nigeria the great Zoo, he hides from the public, avoids legitimate democratic scrutiny, grows a HOLE in his neck, relies on photoshop and poorly edited videos to deceive the people.

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“I have taken the pleasure of providing a few links to live nationwide address of the Ghanaian president. I have also captured some still frames from the said broadcasts to prove that Aso Rock has no legitimate person in power.

“Please compare the four photos with the fifth one below, taken when Gov. Zulum allegedly visited Aso Rock yesterday, at a time of national lockdown when Chinese virologists and military intelligence officers are in Aso Rock seeking to contain Coronavirus. Tell me if the cut and paste fake video issued by the scammers in Aso Rock is befitting of a country that claim to operate a democratic system of government.

“The badly edited fake video of Zulum and Jubril being circulated by Aso Rock will be dissected and proven to be a forgerry in the next few hours. IPOB forensic analysts are busy right now unravelling their lies. Shame on the Zoo. They lie, we expose them.

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