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If i sell my cars and help the Poor, I will become Poor – Dino Melaye blasts Critics (video)


Senator Dino Melaye has slammed some Nigerians who urged him to sell his expensive cars and some properties to help the Poor.

In a short video shared online he said if he sell his cars and help the poor that he will become poor.

He said: ” I am here to address some myopic intellectually stagnant individuals who have been calling on me, saying Dino Melaye, sell all your cars, sell all your houses and give to the poor, as if that can solve Nigeria’s problem.”

He added that there has been a lot of unnecessary comments on this same topic on selling all his cars, and maybe until he does that before he will be considered  a saint.

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“The Truth of the matter is that if sell everything i have, i will become poor and only the rich can deliver the poor, the poor cannot deliver the poor.”

” I have never claimed to be an Elshaddi, I have never Claimed to be Jehovah Jireh, I cannot solve everybody’s problem, I am doing the best i can, within my limit to help as many as i can.”

The Senator also said that, He must continue to hold and stand for his passion, He is not an Impulsive giver, he gives as the Holy Spirit gives him utterances.

“I am not going to sell any of my cars, i am even praying for more wealth to buy more, everyone has passion and My passion is Automobile.

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Joseph Dolo
Joseph Dolo
7 days ago

I’m Joseph M. Dolo I joined you from Liberia. The senator can’t help everyone he can only do his best

7 days ago

Only God is the one who can able to do such. ano one else has the ability to do such a thing as helping others remain poor