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If you marry someone you are not attracted to, your marriage won’t be happy – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has warned singles that if they marry someone they aren’t attracted to, their marriage won’t be happy.


“Money is overrated. You cant solve every problem by throwing money at it. Wisdom is underrated. You can solve almost every problem by throwing wisdom at it. It is a defence. The advantage of wisdom over money is that wisdom can preserve your life .

“If you are feeling stressed, don’t automatically blame your spouse, children, friends or co-workers. The number one cause of stress is debt. Are you in debt? Start living within your means and your stress will start reducing as your debt reduces .

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“It is so foolish to be sad because you are different from other people. How can you be sad over an advantage. Different people make a difference. Odd people stand out and because they stand out, they become outstanding. Embrace your difference .

“Beauty alone isn’t enough to sustain a marriage, but you should at least be physically attracted to someone before agreeing to marry them. I dont care how spiritual you are, if you marry someone you aren’t attracted to, your marriage won’t be happy.

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