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My girlfriend Married a soldier but she is still coming to my House – Nigerian man


Nigerian Man (Name withheld) Narrates how his girlfriend married a soldier and keep coming to his house.


“I met this lady January last year. Wooed her. at first she said she already have someone ( soldier) of course i gave up. June she went to camp NYSC all of the sudden. she started calling me. telling me how she is missing me  and all that. i thought to myself, shabi you get someone, shaa i maintain the level just the way she brought it up.

“After her three weeks on camp, she came to me and started showing me green light. long  story short, we both fell in love. she opened up to me that she doesn’t like the soldier guy. her parents forced him on her through her uncle.

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“I felt for her seriously, I am a christian and she is a Muslim. even when she try explaining things to her parents. Her mum who i believe ought to understand better will threaten her if she refuse marring the soldier guy she is going to kill herself and she should not even bother coming to her burial.

“The by forced wedding is coming up this April, still won’t let me go. I love her too though she is even ready to get pregnant and have the baby in his house, i don’t buy the idea though. she is still coming to my house till date. Please your advice is needed!

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Ur life don remain 1bar.