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I slept with another man and washed my p*ssy into my husband’s food and he stopped cheating


Nigerian woman Narrates How she slept with another man and washed her vaggy into her husband’s food so that he can stop cheating.


My husband thinks he can cheat.

“I laugh in Spanish at those wives who allow their husband rape them. Woman take your power back. I stand.

“I have been fucking everyday since quarantine started here and he doesn’t know it.

“Before this quarantine, i found out my husband is a dog. in his mind he felt he was a slick Nigga. I go out everyday to a guy who lives close by. this guy has been on my case. I finally fucked him.

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“This guy f*ck me well well and raw, no Condom and cums inside me.

“He fingers my anus while giving me doggy. when i get home i wash my vaggy in my hubby’s food.

“He has to taste my side nigga sperm. The most enjoyable part is watching him eat it, it is like orgasm. after eating the food he stopped cheating on me.

“My sister is in Nigeria, her husband cheats. She needs to follow my tips. Good wife Good wife it will end in tears las las. I am so freaking happy. litty litty Vaggy Vaggy spicy spicy.

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M. C Glucose
M. C Glucose

My ear don almost full with women Mata. Now that you reveal this secret, did you think ur husband will be happy?

steve ogidi
steve ogidi

AS for me i think you are playing with fire, when you finish tying him spiritually which is what you have done, the result is only you that can fathom it, There is a time to sow and reap, Enjoy your fun