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Nigerian Politician beats up a Lady, stripes her ₦ak€d for telling him to help someone on Facebook (photos)


Kogi state Commissioner for Water resources, Abudulmumuni Danga, has been accused of physically assaulting a lady, Elizabeth Oyeniyi (Queen NiNa) for telling him to help his sister, that she needs help Because charity begins at home on Facebook.

According to Natasha’s post, Elizabeth who goes by the name Queen Nina on Facebook, is a friend of the Commissioner’s sister. She went on her Facebook page to accuse him of not helping his Family members, particularly his sister who is her friend, reminding him that charity begins at home.

Queen NiNa’s post: “Honorable Abudulmumuni Dang, Your kid sis DC Adoke Lesh needs your Help, You are in a good position to help especially the members of your family, sorry sir, charity begins at home.”

Queen NiNa’s post

In Reacton, A former governorship candidate of the state, Natasha Akpoti, called out the Commissioner on Facebook, demanding for an investigation into the matter.

Natasha accused the Commissioner of beating Queen up, stripping her naked and forcing her to make an apology video which was posted on Facebook. Natasha has called on the state Commissioner of Police to investigate the matter.

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Natasha wrote: “Kogi’s Comm 4 water resources Abudulmumuni Danga beats, strips naked & makes video of Elizabeth Oyeniyi (Queen NiNa) over her FB post on him. Danga threatens to release her naked video if she reports to the police & fails to apologize (which she made under duress)”

“Here’s the apology Elizabeth made under duress. Elizabeth was beaten and stripped naked in the presence of her 3 year old son.

Kogi state Commissioner for Water Resources, Mr. Abdulmumuni Danga is responsible .

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: forced Apology

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Samuel Chika
Samuel Chika
1 month ago

Imagine such a wicked being with out conscience. Ordinary commissioner for water which is the most common thing in existence, and he is seeing himsel as God, there’s nothing person will not see or hear in this world. The truth is that if indeed that he is in a better position yet doesn’t help his family members, that means he is an ocultic man, because any idiot that belongs to that evil secret society doesn’t think or help his or her family members. That lady deserves justice, as the competent authority should prosecute that idiot commissioner for ordinary water and… Read more »