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Nnamdi Kanu provides a strong Evidence to prove that Abba Kyari was the president of Nigeria (photos)


Fulani secret ballot to select a replacement for abba kyari the late president of Nigeria (the zoo republic) enters a crucial phase.

● Yoruba not invited to observe proceedings despite years of slavish and conspiratorial loyalty to Fulani caliphate.

● No Yoruba man on shortlist either, as Fulani cabal move to close ranks to preserve Jubril Al-Sudani the greatest fraud of the century.

Ignorant Nigerians that doubted our scientifically verifiable assertions that Buhari was dead and Abba Kyari the de-facto president and real ruler of Nigeria are now free to cover their faces in shame.

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ABBA KYARI can be seen in this picture performing the duty of a head of state as the young confused Jubril looks on in bewilderment. Had Jubril not been present at this ceremony, the brigade of morons and Lauretta Onochie’s 3K a week e-rats would have defended this constitutional absurdity by saying “but you can see Presido was not around that was why Abba Kyari took charge”. As you can see in every other country around the world, the ceremony Abba Kyari performed is usually reserved for the president or head of state.

The clearly inactive and non-participatory presence of Jubril in the picture is the give away, that indeed he was hired to mimick Buhari and nothing more. Where was the Vice President Osinbajo or the Senate President or the Speaker of the House of Reps as constitutionally laid down in the very document Buratai is always remind us his gang of terrorists and rapists in uniform are fighting to uphold. Who is Abba Kyari to have performed this presidential role if he is not the president of Nigeria? Hope our guest e-rats can see clearly now.


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