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Nnamdi Kanu shows the clear difference between real Buhari and fake Buhari with a hole in his neck (photos)


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had said that after Buhari died, Aso Rock Cabals Recruited Jubril, but since Jubril ran off to Cuba due to Coronavirus, The same aso Rock Cabals recruited an actor who wears face mask to act Like buahri.



“The day Aisha Buhari agreed to let Abba Kyari conceal the death of her husband was the day God destroyed Nigeria

“After our explosive exposé last night, some #Zoo people are now waking up from their slumber to demand their ‘president’ address them or resign ???. I say congratulations to those that have finally decided to engage their thinking faculties.

“I am sure some of you can remember before now, that is before and during the ill-health of ‘president’ Abba Kyari, just prior to his demise in Cuba. All we heard was PRESIDENY said this, PRESIDENCY said that. Photoshopped pictures after photoshopped pictures were seen flying all over the place courtesy of the skilled forgery of Femi Adesina. Heavily edited videos were also circulated of a CLOWN wearing a Buhari hyper-reality face mask in Aso Rock mumbling inaudibly at something and waving at the walls and plants in the garden.

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“But since #IPOB started hitting them hard with incontrovertible evidence, including the fact that Abba Kyari, prior to his death, ran off to Cuba with Jubril Al-Sudani the actor he recruited to impersonate the dead Buhari, from where they hastily recorded two badly scripted speeches featuring the now famous hole in the neck mask, all has gone quiet in Aso Rock.

“No more LIVE presidential address from the executive office in the seat of power. The creature they hired to wear the Buhari hyper-reality face mask and wave at the plants I told you cannot speak on camera because he has not been trained to sound like Buhari has disappeared.

“What we are now hearing is, Governors said this, Governors said that, Governors have agreed to do this, Governors have agreed to do that. No longer President Buhari because there is no president, no vice president, no vision, no direction. We have left the era of rulership by the Chief of Staff to that of the Governors.

“Is there any doubt left that #IPOB has finally crumbled the Zoo?

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