Home News Nnamdi Kanu Urges All Biafrans to Open Twitter Account, Gives Reasons (Photos)

Nnamdi Kanu Urges All Biafrans to Open Twitter Account, Gives Reasons (Photos)


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The Leader of Indegeneous people of Biafra has urged all Biafrans to Open a Twitter account, Gives Reasons.


“They say the Pen is mightier than the Sword. The demonstrable potency of IPOB over these years and often in the face overwhelming odds is a eloquent testimony to this truism.

“For us to collectively complete this God given mandate to restore the kingdom of heaven on the centre of this earth (zero longitude| zero longitude) where Biafra is divinely located, we MUST, all of us open and own a Twitter account. Each and every conscientious person, be they Biafran or Nigerian and regardless of political persuasion but desiring in a better more equitable society MUST open and own a Twitter account.

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“In the absence of a violent revolution, the most effective weapon available to oppressed people all around the world to fight tyranny, is the availability of a heightened state of political consciousness through education and regimented social awareness amongst the masses which only Twitter can provide. Therefore, we MUST all be on Twitter as we are on Facebook.

“Twitter may not afford us the space to be as expressive as we would like but trust me it is the most potent tool in modern revolution. In every society where the people have successfully overthrown tyranny, Twitter was used to energise and mobilise the activist base.

“My Twitter handle is @MaziNnamdiKanu what is yours?

“If you wish to follow me, make sure its my official account with 78K plus followers (screen below) and not any of the fake parody accounts set up with my pictures and run by DSS to deceive people.

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