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Reno omokri Vows to Support Buhari if He Helps the Victims of Onitsha fire Accident


Reno Omokri who describes himself as ‘Buhari tormentor’, used his twitter handle to beg Buhari to compensate the victims who where affected by the Onitsha Fire Incident, Promises to Become a Buhari Supporter if Buhari Helps the Victims, says its an opportunity to show love to Ndi’Igbo.

He Wrote;

Dear President Buhari,

The Onitsha Market Fire is an opportunity for you to show love to Ndi’Igbo. I appeal to you to compensate the traders who lost their livelihood. This will go a long way and will show us that you indeed love those of us from the SE and SS. God bless you sir!

I give you my word that if you compensate those affected by The Onitsha Market Fire I will stop opposing you and will change my views about you. Not only that, I will destroy this Buhari Tormentor cap and wear a Buhari Supporter cap. I beg on my knees!

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Can anyone help me identify the young man in red? Please if you know him or are him, reach me. There is hope. I can’t say what form the hope will take publicly, but there is hope. Treat as urgent and important. Please scammers, fear God and restrain yourselves, He added.

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