Home News Stubborn corps Terrifies Ambulance Driver in Akwa-Ibom(Video)

Stubborn corps Terrifies Ambulance Driver in Akwa-Ibom(Video)


A Facebook user Bea Akpan has posted 2 videos of what happened in Akwa-Ibom when her neighbor who died in a road auto crash refused to be buried.

Her post below: “I have never witnessed this one before.

“I have been seeing it in movies but today it happened before my eyes.

We were going to Ukpom in Ikono LGA in Akwaibom state to bury my neighbor that died last two weeks. He had an accident, He was not supposed to be buried today but the mortuary asked the family to come pick the corpse that the boy is disturbing; the family had to quickly fix the burial today. We picked the corpse in Uyo, The first ambulance developed a problem. The second ambulance the same thing. 

 They recommended a particular driver to us, they told us that the driver knows what to do if the ambulance break down again.

We moved for a while and the Ambulance broke down at plaza in Uyo before UNIUYO first gate. The driver and his second came down, brought down the casket and the corpse rose up!! nwanne i take off.. I don’t know what the driver did, laid the corpse back,went and Start the ambulance.. The car started.. That was how we were able to bury this guy amidst all the family wahala and troubles from the village youths.”

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