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The Agony of Nigerians in China, Prophecy No.15 Confirmed – Prophet Williams (video)


As Chinese police sent Nigerians away from their Homes and Hotels amid Coronavirus (READ HERE) The Founder, Galilee Christian Centre, Prophet Williams Onuoha has reminded Nigerians his 2020 Prophecy.



1. The Lord said, I should pass this message to Nigerians that things are going to get worst. Everybody should go into prayers so as to avert this wave.

2. I had a vision where I saw someone cooking and a family was somewhere watching and immediately the person went inside,the family went behind to carry the food and eat. I ask God, what is this? God revealed to me that there will be famine come 2020, that things will be so hard, for people to eat will be trouble.

3. Many people are going to loose their jobs specially bankers. Many small firms will retrench their workers, even the Government will be so confused that they will make a lot of mistakes.

4. There are going to be so much killings come 2020, an organized kidnapping syndicate that will recruit a lot of people even the children will arise. They will charge as low as #50,000 (Fifty thousand Naira) for ransom.

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5. The Lord revealed to me that the Northern farmers are going to face drought, even the Western farmers as well. Crops will not grow well in the North and West in 2020.

6. I see a lot of petty traders and small scale businesses being shut down. They want to wipe them out, thereby causing more hardship to the masses.

7.Nigeria is going to witness heavy floods caused by heavy rainfalls in 2020.

8. I see a lot of foreigners coming into Nigeria. They call them the FUNA, from Mali, Guinea. They don’t speak English, they speak French. I see them attacking Lagos in the night, killing a lot of people. It is an organized crime, but as a Prophet of God, their plans towards my people will not work …. Isaiah 7 vs 7

9. The Lord said that the issue of the Easterner will be settled in 2020 starting from September.

10. France will never have a stable Government starting from today because of their wickedness towards African countries.

11. Britain will have serious problems that She will not come out of it. The end of Britain has come. The Lord said that He is going to destroy Britain through Prince Harry. The Lord also said He will put so much anger in him that he (Prince Harry) is going to reveal a lot of top secrets about Britain that will cripple that empire.

12. I see about three countries pulling out of European Union (EU). Italy will go first, followed by Greece. I also saw the Spanish Government wanting to pull out but they are afraid that the European Union will use it against them to support Catalonia Independence. As soon as the British Government pulls out completely from European Union, Greece will follow suit.

13. The economy of Italy is going to the lowest level by 2020.

14. God is angry with United Nations because it is now a divided nation. They watch Africans being killed and nothing was done about it. A lot of things are happening in Africa but they refuse to speak or take action.

15. The Lord said that the Igbos are going to witness severe persecution all over the world mostly in Africa and Asia. They will a lot of deportation and their businesses will be affected. The police of the foreign nations will maltreat them a lot. I asked God why? He took me to the book of Exodus 3 vs 7 saying that it is time to bring my people back.

16. If any seer is telling you that Nigeria will get better, it is a lie. Nobody can repair Nigeria again because in Psalm 33 vs 12 the Lord said it.

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17. The Lord said that churches have compromised. Well known Bishops and Pastors are highly placed in the society.

18. The Lord said, there is a policy that the government is about to release against the church, but as soon as that policy is released, that will mark the end of of the country because the only thing still holding this nation is the church. Once they touch the church there will be trouble.

19. The Lord also said that the ” Hate Speech” bill, whoever that is in charge, if he/she passes that bill, that marks his/her end.

20. I see great hunger, people crying and lamenting but when I look at the Government they were all laughing.

21. Politicians will begin to fall because they refuse to speak the truth.

22. Money will disappear in the hands of the rich but the righteous shall rise. Even in the banks, money shall cease because the rich will start hiding their money.

23. I see the North and the West in Nigeria fighting any moment from now.

24. Nigeria is about to face the worst situation but those who have the mark of Jesus, He will provide for them. People should go into prayer. More prophesies will be released as the Lord reveals.


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