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The Italian man with coronavirus in Nigeria went to Ogun state before coming to Lagos – Hamzat


The Deputy governor of Lagos state, Obafemi Hamzat, was on TVC this morning where he revealed that the Italian man diagnosed with the first case of Coronavirus in Nigeria, went to Ewekoro in Ogun state before he fell ill and was brought to Lagos where he was diagnosed with the virus.


“This young man came in from Italy, Milan. He came in on the 25th. He has a consultancy job with a company in Ogun state. He landed on the 26th, went to Ewkoro and then he fell ill and the doctors were smart enough to say this is somebody that is coming from Italy that has just suddenly fell ill. So they took him in. So we sent an ambulance there with a pep jacket. So they brought him in and then he was diagonised. 

“The good thing is that he was brought in yesterday morning. Within four hours, he was diagnosed. Our diagonistic tool seemed to work better than we expected. Normally it takes about 8 hours but within four hours, we were able to determine. So he is our biosecurity lab in Yaba. It is a lab that we built that can accomodate 100 for now but it is only one bed that is occupied today. Hopefully it wouldn’t spread. So we are ready. We are well equipped.

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“He is there and he is getting better. The challenge is not for people to have the virus. If you don’t know, that is the challenge. In this case, it is known that he has it. He is going to be okay. He is steady. The doctors say he is going to be fine. 

“What we are doing now is that he came in through one airline, so we are tring to track everybody on that flight. He went from Lagos to Ewekoro. Who has he met? What has happened? Those are the people that we are tracking, isolate them and then check.” he said

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2 months ago

Is like something us wrong with him….why moving around the country?
Is he stupid?
Please dey should better deport him and send him back to his people cus if were to be other country, thru will do the same
After all they have never treat black a human
Idiot stupid people

Yusuf Idris
Yusuf Idris
2 months ago

You people are not just serious in this country, how is that possible that you can trick all the people that cane with the flight, if you trick people that enter inside the same flight, what abt the people that has isolated with dem since them came in??

2 months ago

My opinion is that, our president should stop the affected countries from flight to Nigeria, most especially China they shouldn’t be allowed to flight to Nigeria again for now, so that they won’t bring in more this Corona virus to Nigeria again oh

2 months ago

Italian never like Africans at all
This man purposely bring this Corona virus to this Country, is a mission
And he has accomplished it,
But I bet him no Nigeria will be affected
Nigeria will defeat it the same way they defeat Ebola virus.