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We need 5G in Nigeria, even 6G or 7G, Technology is here to stay – Deji Adeyajnu


Human Right activist, Deji Adeyanju, blasts those saying that 5G is Dangerous and cause of Coronavirus.


“Boko Haram is fighting against Western Education. Some Christians are fighting against 5G Technology. – Mark Godwin

“You have the right to believe 5G caused COVID-19 but I also have the right not to believe you. Everyone should hold on to his belief.

“I have the right to enjoy 5G; You have the right not to subscribe: Let’s all enjoy our rights; Don’t deny us fast speed internet; Because of your religious views.

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“When 6G or 7G comes out next, it will be interesting to read the theories. Technology is here to stay. Even those who once said it was anti-Christ some years ago are now using it to preach.

“Any religious leader that claims to be all knowing & powerful should go to our isolation centres and cure those battling with this virus. We need Corona Vurus miracles at the isolation centres. Thank you.

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