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Women are created in the image of Man, not in the Image of God – Man explains


The Twitter user Identified as Shadaya Knight has said that Women are created in the image of Man, not in the Image of God.


“From a biblical perspective: It’s wrong for a woman to say “wonderfully made in the image of God” because she isn’t. She is made in the image of man, because she is a by product of man. All other creatures where created by God in his original plan from the ant to the elephant…

“Have you ever noticed that it’s only in humans that the female is more beautiful than the male? The male horse is more beautiful than the female horse, same as in lions, peacocks, chickens & all other animals except in humans….

“Why is it like that, it goes back to the beginning, man (Adam) was bored, he wanted something that would get rid of his bottom. It is then God decided to create a woman from Adam’s ribs. She wasn’t in God’s original plan, she only came into existence to pleasure the man….

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“And because she had to pleasure the man, she was created in a way that the man would find her pleasurable. That’s why she was made more beautiful than the man. At the same time because she wasn’t in the original plan, that’s why she easily fell into the devil’s trickery…

“The devil gets to man through the woman. Adam fell through Eve. Samson fell through Delilah. Solomon fell through the pagan women. And all these men have one thing in common, they had given authority to women….

“Women in position of authority is an error which is against God. That’s why in Genesis, God says the man will rule over you for the rest of your life. That’s why the scriptures don’t allow a woman to assurp authority over a man. The order is God, men, then women & children…

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“If as a man you allow a woman to dominate you, then to God you will have to answer for your sin, because God gave you the authority to rule over your house. Do you know Queen Vashti was divorced simply because she refused to come when the King called her….

“Women were created for men. To pleasure him SEX, to give him offsprings CHILD BEARING, looking after him COOKING & CLEANING & serving him SUBMISSIVENESS. Anything beyond that it’s manufactured they where created for that sole puporse only.”

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