Home News Yorubas are Now Becoming Slaves in Nigeria – Yoruba Leader Cries out

Yorubas are Now Becoming Slaves in Nigeria – Yoruba Leader Cries out


Newly Elected leader of the Yoruba ethnic group, Professor Banji Akintoye, said that the ongoing travails of the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has shown that members of the Yoruba ethnic group are now becoming slaves in Nigeria.

“There can not be a smoke without fire, although we don’t know where the fire is but we can see the smoke all around.

“Yoruba are in a terrible situation in Nigeria because all travail Osinbajo is going through shows that we Yoruba has now become like a slaves in this country, so we need to dig ourselves out of it.

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“We have been hearing a lot of negative things about the Vice President in the presidency, but the important thing is for us to find out exactly what is happening, because all we are hearing is just like a smoke, but we don’t know where the fire came from so what ever that might be happening to him now demonstrated that who ever that is not part of the people who control the Federal Government of Nigeria, is only allowed in the Federal Government on surveillance, so, the person can be kicked out when ever they likes.”

“There are people among those controlling the Federal Government of Nigeria who has a lot of heavy questions to answered but they were protected by the power that be.”

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